This statue was built to commemorate the discovery of ‘Avermectin’ of Dr. Satoshi Omura who led to the drug development of ‘Ivermectin’. ‘Ivermectin’ has led to lightning to live for the people who suffer from ‘Parasitie’ disease of world and ‘River Blindness’ disease, ‘Elephantiasis’ disease in Africa and other areas. This statue is in Kitasato University School of Pharmacy in Japan.



Dear friends!


  1. Many comments have been received to this blog. There are about 1500 unopened comments now. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who would have been sent your comments. I’m also receiving friend requests of Facebook. I would say, Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.


  1. The world has become really narrow by the development of the internet. However, if we differ from our countries or regions each other, we also differ from our cultures and common senses in social life. Articles and comments that we uploaded with thinking we are good are often received as articles and comments which are unpleasant and insane for people in other countries and regions and people in particular groups.


  1. If we think this, we can know that articles and comments we can upload are not unlimited. I will gradually upload the comments which are reaching to this blog. However, I would like you to understand that all of the comments cannot be uploaded, and the following sites cannot be approved.


  1. Sites with viruses embedded.
  2. Sites listing two or more sites.
  3. Sites considered to be a trademark violation.
  4. Site of depiction of sex and violence, or sites to remind of them.
  5. Scam sites.
  6. Sites which are contrary to social ethics norms and public order and morality.


  1. Today, I would like to tell everyone these contents and I would like to face to the tomorrow of this blog. I would sincerely pray for your health and success.