One Reuters article

One Reuters article


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This article is English translation of Japanese version uploaded on June 28, 2018.


A.America · Nevada Province, Republican candidate nomination election at Lower House election of Legislature of Province


1.On June 26, 2018, Tim Reid reporter of Reuters is writing as follow; a 71-year-old man named Dennis Hof, who is acknowledging “Pimp (pimp ・prostitution broker)” in the Republican candidate nomination election of Lower House election of Legislature of Province, Nevada province, acquired its nomination. His political leap forward shows that the consciousness of the voters has undergone fundamental change in the “President Trump era”, not only the Republican Party was scratched but also that the US politics was turned over.


2.It says that Mr. Hof has three times divorce history, wrote a book titled “Aesthetics of pimp”, and runs one strip club and five legal brothels. Moreover, it says that he advertises a catch copy calling “Pahrump’s (Par ump’s) Trump” and is in the election. Las Vegas is to the east of Pahrump district at about 50km. Carson City is in the northwest. On the map of Google it is a desert area which four directions are surrounded by mountains.


3.Furthermore, when reading the article, 4 houses out of 5 houses of Mr. Hof ‘s brothels are located in Lyon County located east of Carson City. And Reuters interviewed at Carson City suburbs. For these reasons, his economic base is not in the Pahrump district, perhaps Mr. Hof gains the support of church by donations, or by bringing the action to solve the problem which secure water in the desert region, it seems to be spreading the support of Republican Party’s Evangelists to the state area of Nevada.


4.It is the main subject. The reporter writes as next about the reality which Mr. Hof who is living in the world of “Pimp”, but it is the Legislature of Province of America, is about to wear the shoes of the political world. Republican supporters based on traditional evangelical churches, especially many conservative Christians, say, ‘ We are losing trust to the Republican Establishment, and they are not fighting to defend the value which is threatened in modern America.’ How do we think about this?


5.If we would think of Jesus’ gospel, it is Jesus who had been saved Maria, who had been stoned, and it is Maria who had been applied for Jesus Jesus feet the last perfume oil. Women are the existences to be saved. How and what this salvation is to do, a lot of discussion has been doing in the United States, don’t you? One is a social relief, one is a salvation based on faith.


6.Republican and Democratic people who have been involved in the American society and its direction of institution to be have been doing many social reliefs. And there is a current system. And the thought of this American institutional design what was it like? As one of this index, we can show “What’s the Right Thing to do?”, which is a book of Harvard University, Professor Michael Sandel. And as the other index, we can show “THE WARRIORS REFLECTIONS ON MEN IN BATTLE”, which is a book of J. Glenn Gray. The former is a book which asks the choice of reality under the idea of justice, the latter is a book which wrote real reflections of a soldier who was under the Europe Front in World War II. And in the comparison between the former and the latter, the latter, which is a record of behaviors which act in a real way reacting to various situations occurring around himself as a soldier in front of the battlefield of the front of his eyes, the latter is superior in reality.


7.And, the reality which this America’s justice cannot correspond to various situations that arises in the reality is producing “Pahrump’s Trump”. It can think so. But even so, it is not good that American justice is replaced of by old American values such as Mr. Hof. Mr. Hof is as an owner of old-American values, he needs humility which fears God and wish for maximum happiness of women, this article thinks so. The same is true for Pahrump’s Evangelists. Christians in Nevada should abolish the public prostitute’s houses in the state and start the movements for women’s salvation. It is the way of the Christians. And it is a real road. I think so.