Liberalism course for junior high school students, high school students, No18 -Human has the values in anybodies’ every life that make efforts to live good.-

Human has the values in anybodies’ every life that make efforts to live good.

Cherry Blossoms

Ⅰ.Let’s think that everybody make effort to live for good!

1. “Let’s make effort to live for the good” does not mean religious practice or moral actual practice. “Live for the good” is a state of mind that the religious people who has been trained over and over, or Kant has been reached, and it is not a scope that we ordinary persons of all living beings reach. However, I think that it is good  to have the time to think “Let’s make effort to live for the good”, like we remembered in our daily lives where there is many feeling which were being depressed, or grieving, or being angry. I call this autonomy.

2. And we define the value that describe in this section as “being useful for some object”.

3.Some objects are, ourselves, relatives, cousins, near persons such as relatives, schools, hospitals where we work, schools, government offices, organizations such as companies, and society after getting effects from one place to another, and world.

4. The object for junior high school students and high school students is from you and your parents and families to school. If you have a part-time job, it also includes. Here, first of all, please realize that each and every one of you has the absolute value of being a human resource who will create a society in the future. Everyone is studying. There are students doing club activities. We need effort with both. We need a continuing will that advance toward the object. In here, there is an each value, namely, the value that make an effort, the value that think, the value that show a continuing will which advance toward the object. You and your (student) bag are full of the value. You always carry its bag with you. And you yourself are a mass of value. Remember this always.

5. If there are teachers and friends who are going to destroy this value’s bag and your willingness as a person, you should never take on worries at all alone. Don’t blame yourself by the dilemma you think cannot be solved. Talk to your father or mother. Let’s have your father or mother consult with the principal. Let’s consult with the Board of Education. If there are friends or group who are going to hurt your personality, let’s break up from the friends and group resolutely. Please, don’t hurt yourself by yourself by being troubled about words or cruel treatments that hurt you. They are not your teacher or friends. A true teacher or friend is a person, in the case of a teacher, who is be able to share and sympathize with the values ​​that you have now and the effort that you do now, and the effort that you will be accumulating from now on, and in the case of a friend, is a person who is be able to share.

Ⅱ.My case

1.When I entered university, Japanese universities were in the midst of  disputes by students, and my university was no exception. If I think about it now, the university at that time is the time when the students were swung around by the empty theory of some impractical ideologues. I was no exception, too. I really regret this, and talk, there was a book called “Organization Theory Introduction” by Kanichi Kuroda in the book I read at that time. In the one passage in its book, there was a sentence that “people who are not engaged in production labor and labor do not create value”, and this gave me deep damage in the mind. And this way of thinking is nothing less than the way of thinking that brought about the purge and slaughter of people of mass knowledge group by countries and armed groups that are professing Marxism as science since the birth of the Soviet Union. At that time, I was a student who was attending to the Department of ‘Japanese language and Japanese literature’ of the Faculty of Education, and a student to be impressed with a book of Kiyoshi Oka, but I was ignorant. I who lost sight of my value, after all, dropped out of its university, and I’ve chosen to leave from its course.

2. The way of thinking that “people who do not engage in production labor and labor do not create value” leads to the same way of thinking which Mio Sugita, a member of the House of Representatives, who has recently become a problem, wrote in the August 2018 issue of ‘Shincho 45’, against the people of LGBT, as next, “They do not have a child, that is, they have not ‘productivity’”. Human have dignity and value as human. The fact itself that such descriptions and remarks come out, I think that it is possible to grasp the rigidity of Japanese society as an indicator to be shown on the left side in the case of Mr. Kanichi Kuroda and on the right side in the case of Mrs. Mio Sugita. However, not only “productivity”, but even if “productivity” is replaced with “being useful for some object” which this section placed the standard of value, the similar way of thinking is lying everywhere in the society. And when this make a group or mass, in a case of group, by calling someone a friend, it becomes an implicit agreement to show to be a member of its group that do behaviors who attack its friend, and in the case of mass, in addition in the case of a group, it becomes the unique identity of being a member of its group that attack and expel persons who have doubts about the status of its mass. Unfortunately, such groups exist still by a country unit in the world. However, the way of life for you still young is to think, ‘Be with the good’, and to live, even in such a society and the world. This is the only way to save yourself when you worry, I think.

3. I will keep talking. The talk alone which was only leaving the course is not interesting at all, and I don’t have the qualification to tell you something, I think. However, I have then graduated the Faculty of Economics of another university by correspondence education. After several years, I have made its graduation thesis a new book (Kindai-bungeishya, 2007 publish), entitled ”Marx Criticism, the concept of the individual and kind at Marx-Its critical consideration”. The standing position of this book is the one that take over the concept of “the individual and the kind”, which was told in the 19th century European thought world where Marx lived, to the present day of the 21st century, and I evaluate it by myself that it is occupying in its commensurate position of itself in the history of thought. And in this way I am talking liberalism to you.

4. Round up so as not to be long. The other day, a teacher who would has been achieved a professor’s and dean’s responsibilities of the university which I had attended at first would has been passed away. At its university, I received a tuition payment’s scholarship in the first school year, and the teacher who would has been passed away was the one of the three professors which would has been made an interview at that time. To be given a scholarship is, to say the least, because I was hoped that I would do my best to studies, therefore, I think that I have been sorry to drop out of its university. And for this unachieved consciousness that I did not achieve the expectations of the professors, in my heart, there was a consciousness that life was not connected. And, I attended the funeral that done both the teacher’s farewell ceremony and the first seven days’ Buddhist memorial ceremony, I have stated the apology and condolences with my whole heart. The graduates of the Faculty and department of subject gathered for its ceremony. And I was able to feel, with members, the sense that forgot for a long time, and at the same time, I was able to return to the interrupted course and regain the sense that the interrupted life was connected.

5.This is a lesson for everybody. Do not leave from your course. Please, live with the good.