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Dear friends, Happy New Year.


On the election of the Republic of China’s President, congratulations
Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) President was re-elected with the large vote difference. Also, on the election of members of Ward council in the Hong Kong, congratulations the members of the Democracy’s group were elected overwhelmingly.


I would like to inform you the followings.

1. If you want to share this blog articles by your group and you want to quote from this blog articles, please do it freely, but, in the case of quotation, please show the source article.

2. For technical issues with your Internet connection, please contact your connection provider.

3. Earlier, there was a request, when uploading this blog article, as having hope that upload by using Internet Explorer. Therefore I was doing so, but because of a problem of my PC side, I have been also starting to use Google.
And today, when I open Internet Explorer for uploading this article, on the 64-bit version’s display RSS was not shown its detail. So I would continue to upload using Google.

4. This blog, also this year, as one person of liberalist, wants to reconsider what humans have been talking in the history and talk the essence of them. It can be said to be a challenging that is over my abilities, however considering that this world is being realized by what humans think, act, and according to be making up, this work will become a milestone that create the next human world, I’m thinking so. I hope that these articles are made your hint for your thoughts.

5. I sincerely pray that your this year will be active and a vibrant and prosperous year. I would send you many thanks sincerely for your reading this blog.

January 2020
                                                                 Author: Coroku Maeda