Liberalism course for junior high school students, high school students, No12 -Raise the flag of liberalism.-

Raise the flag of liberalism.

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*1. This article is an English translation of the Japanese version which uploaded on April 23, 2017. This article is writing for junior high school and high school students in Japan, but here, I am talking about the essence of liberalism. Marx and Engels state by a short phrase in “Die deutsche ideologie” the dominance of socialism over liberalism, but here is an answer to that. I am hoping everyone could be read this.

*2.Infectious disease pneumonias due to the new coronavirus are spreading from Wuhan, China. Also there is a news that say, “This virus has leaked from the bacterial research facility in Wuhan”. It is highly infectious and it is causing many deaths. But, either way, vaccines will be developed and Infectious disease pneumonias are going to end. However, if I talk about this situation coldly, I will sympathize with a person concerned and I want that each person make to try hard not to spread the infection, but I cannot but saying that the confidence in the People’s Republic of China’s national system has fallen to area of the dangerous.

The People’s Republic of China (hereinafter abbreviated as China) is being a nation that is subjugating people by the Communist Party’s self-logic. This self-logic is, for people, dangerous in the area of ​​freedom and human rights, for companies, dangerous in the area of ​​intellectual property, and for developing countries, its infrastructure development is, if saying by Marx economics terms, it is China and Chinese companies that are ’accumulation of capital’ through this infrastructure investment, and this developing country has been remaining huge debts, thereby it is dangerous contents that say that its repayment has forced them to accept China’s increased control. By the trade, now, the United States make an objection. And they are belligerent. This can be understood by looking at their attitudes in India, the Republic of China, Vietnam, the South China Sea, the East China Sea, and waters near Japan. Into here, the new Infectious disease pneumonia joins from China to the world people. By things have come until to here, I cannot but saying the following. “Oh, Chinese people, please do somehow or other!”

A.Raise the flag of liberalism.

1. Freedom is to release the ability of the human being. Liberalism is to assert and seek it. And a liberalism society is a society that guarantees it. This becomes a simple proposition that expresses a liberalism society.

2. We don’t usually think about this very much. We go to school and choose a workplace or occupation such as a private company, non-profit corporation, administrative organization, political party organization, work hard to get a position there, feel the joy of accomplishing the task,  we live each person’s life. And here, daily works take place, meetings, deals, contracts take place, factories are up, products are made, sold and consumed, according to the rules that have been shaped by the predecessors so far. And if we consider this aggregate of people’s activities as one unit, the spread of this unit will be to the World from regions such as villages → counties ・ cities → prefectures → nations → Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Oceania. For the people being 100 years ago, it depended on a difference of the industrial production capacity and a difference of the power of the culture of an area and the country where its person lived in, but the world were far-off countries. Nowadays, the world is near to our countries, where young people can go anywhere (however, there are some areas and nations which cannot be accessible). Companies are doing business in the world.

3. How the world is reflected in your thinking? Even if in what kind of method, it is good to think of the world. It becomes training for thinking. The situation where a person is placing is different in a one’s each. And it is good to choose our own position in those, I think so.

4.We sometimes worry in a position that we have chosen or been given position. At its time, whatever your work on your position, remember the phrase “Freedom is to release the ability of the human being” which written in first of this blog. Freedom is to release the ability of the human being. If your abilities are locked up, think of how you can exert your abilities and behave alive. And talk with your superior. Please never turn a feeling to worry about to yourself. It is same at school. Please talk with your teacher. Even if you talk with your teacher, if you cannot improve anything, please talk with a vice‐principal or principal. Thereby if workplaces and schools improve, it’s a fruit of liberalism and society. Liberalism is not the one that is expressed by difficult words and concepts (what tries to define words verbally). In this way, it is the one which anyone can understand. And you, who do this, are now raising a liberalism flag honorably.

5. Before little, on TV, a renowned professor of history at the Tokyo University, Professor Kazuto Hongo, would be introduced Taisuke Itagaki as a person whom would like to take up in NHK’s taiga drama. Itagaki is known as a person who said “Even if Itagaki dies, freedom will never die” when he was attacked by a ruffian. But even if this is not Itagaki, you and we who behave in above way are raising liberalism flags honorably and are taking over in history of it. And, this will be taken over by the people who will be carrying the society from now on.

B.About me

1. When I was young, it is toddling walk but there was a time that I was trying to be a faithful student of Marx. One of the books I read at that days, there was “Die deutsche ideologie”. In it, there is a passage that says “In a frame of set prerequisite in society, this right to enjoy unhindered coincidence has been traditionally called human-like (human’s) free that seems to be a human being”.

2. Answering this was my problem. Its answer becomes an expression that expresses a simple human will and action that say “Freedom is to release the ability of the human being. Liberalism is to assert and seek it. And a liberalism society is a society that guarantees it.” Freedom is to release of human abilities.