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Dear friends!

1. Now, the world becomes in a dangerous situation by the spread of Infectious Pneumonia due to the new type coronavirus. However the world will be recovering. The people who make to recover each own world exist. And our world will be changing. Under these circumstances, we must live on.

2. Doctors in the field would be spoken that Infectious Pneumonia caused by the new type coronavirus is rapidly becoming serious symptom and causes death in a short time. And the rapid increase in the number of infected people and their serious symptom are being an excessive burden on the doctors, nurses, and staff who would be treated with limited personnel. Also, in the medical field, the required number of medical protective equipment such as life-saving artificial respirators, oxygenator(ECMO) and goggles that protect doctors and nurses from infections, eye shields, face guards, masks, etc. are increasing.

3.  First and foremost, we must not be infected with the new type coronavirus to protect our own lives. This also means reducing the burden on doctors, nurses, and staff in the medical field. Careful hand washing with soap, mouth rinsing with clean tap water, ventilation in a clean environment, refraining from going out. And when we go out or go to work, we should wear a mask and avoid a closed space, a place where people are crowding, a scene where people are in direct contact with each other or talk. And when we go out or go to work, let’s act by taking a distance of 2m between people which is now called social distance. Let’s devise the style of work and attendance. And wash our clothes, underwear, let’s keep our body clean.

4. It is better to assume that the wave of infection with the new type coronavirus will occur at least up to three waves, when we consider the Spanish Ful(influenza). And, according to the report, the required number of antibodies that are resistance-matter against new type coronavirus, which infected people make in their body, is a few and mutate during the process of infection, so we may get infected again. Therefore this virus is really malicious. There is also a report (Harvard University) that there is a possibility of epidemic in 2024 again. However we are not powerless.

5. The media reports that the symptoms have improved by using pharmaceutical formulations such as America’s Remdesivir (Gilliad Sciences), Japan’s Avigan (Fujifilm), Alvesco (Teijin Pharma), France’s Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine) (Sanofi) and serum extracted from the patient’s body. Also, WHO is announcing medical institutions, laboratories, universities and pharmaceutical companies currently working on the development of a vaccine against the new type coronavirus. I will introduce its address.

Now, hold onto our hope strongly with one hand and move on!


Information on formulations with improved symptoms is inadequate about countries in Europe and their respective regions of the world. Please check the situation of each country in each area by yourself.

Note 2:

Please check the side-effects of each pharmaceutical formulation by yourself. (2020.4.21)

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