Thinking of Love

Thinking of Love

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* The variants of the new coronavirus are still rampant. I sincerely hope that everyone would be taken all possible precautions and actions to protect yourselves, your family members, your relatives, your team members, and all those who are involved in your work.

Today I will consider “love”, which is the theme of philosophy and religion. I would appreciate if you could think about this together.

1.Love is not alms. Any love becomes love with accompanying by gratitude. Whenever we think of love and try to shape it, there is always gratitude in there, and there has to be.  This is the absolute requirement for love.

2.For example, when I ( the subject, even if the first person, the second person, the third person, or the plural, it is same. I’ll talk in the first person here) think of love for unspecified persons or a specific target person, I think that it is a feeling of wishing for the happiness of a specific target person.

3.Then I wonder what happiness is. Persons who are felt affection or a specific target person (here, I call this target person a beloved one. And a beloved one is such as a family member, a close relative, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, etc.) adds today’s achievements to yesterday’s achievements and further accumulates tomorrow’s achievements on each one’s place. We call this ‘to live’.  Or, if you are a young person, we say “the way that you live”, and if you are an old one, we say “the way you would have lived”.

This ‘to live’ is done in all the relationships in society. And these relationships must be Good. Relationships, those are, family, relatives, school, workplace (and the workplace includes from part-time work to local governments, central ministries, governments, parliament, music provision, sports provision, art galleries, museums, courts, etc., where all place that we earn our salary to be alive), neighborhoods, travel, clubs, service, study abroad, overseas work, political activities, international activities, international organizations, etc. Here, I call this “a life and its will and satisfaction to improve its fulfillment.” Here, I realize that the happiness of people and a beloved person is that its person’s “will and satisfaction to improve their lives and their fulfillment” and “this continues.” I consider that through this continuation, people and a beloved one can have hope and goals to strive for, which makes their lives worth living.

4.And, for this “life and one’s will and satisfaction to improve its fulfillment” and its “continuation”, the clothes, food and housing of people and  a beloved one must be sufficient and conditions that are connecting to tomorrow. In addition, people and a beloved person satisfy the quality of their lives by purchasing goods that satisfy their individual hobbies and tastes. This is a necessary condition for people, a beloved one, and their families to live and for each person’s life to be fulfilled.

5.Next, consider a workplace where people and a beloved one earn a salary (income) to satisfy their lives. When its place is a private company, the company gives people goods (all the goods that make up our world and are in circulation in our world) and services (providing benefits to people, and, systems that bring benefits to people called intellectual goods) and the company earns income. At this time, a company, depending on its size, produces the goods that it offers through its own factories or by acquiring other companies, and sells the goods and services through stores (physical stores) or stores and transactions on the Internet.

6.On the other hand, in order to sell the goods and services to people, the company must procure various goods necessary for producing the goods and providing the services. This is called purchasing goods. This purchase  procures the necessary goods from any company in the world or by producing on direct investment. This network is nowadays connected to all over the world. The companies which take responsibility for this logistics are the logistics companies and systems, both domestic and international.

7.However, this network and system has been shredded by the spread (pandemic) of the infection (COVID-19) caused by the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) to the world. Now, the people of the world are facing hardships, our lives are in difficulty, and we are suffering. In Japan, the number of children who take their own lives has increased even among school children and students under the protection of their parents. (2020 suicides: 14 elementary school students, 136 junior high school students, 329 high school students. (2021.2.15 JIJI)  Currently, the number of people infected with the new type coronavirus is 109,901,391 worldwide. The number of deaths is 2,430,096. (Google News, as of Feb. 18, 2021). These are unfortunate scenes. However, also in Japan, on February 17, 2021, vaccination began from medical staffs, and it became to be able to be had expectation that this disaster is coming to an end.

8.I will summarize a little here.

A.When we think of love for people and a beloved one, it is a desire to be each person is happiness.

B.The happiness of a person is to continue on life and to continue on his or her willingness that make progress and fulfillment and to continue on each satisfaction.

C.In order to continue a person’s willingness that make progress and fulfillment and satisfaction, it is necessary to have his or her sufficient clothing, food, and housing, as well as, it is necessary to have each person’s suitable goods for hobbies and tastes that satisfy a quality of life, and it is necessary to have each person’s suitable goods that require for study and work.

D.In order to satisfy A to C, it is necessary for society to have an open systems of equal opportunities and to maintain a sound economic networks and logistics systems.

E.The actions and behaviors in B through D are establishing and circulating by people’s “earning a salary (income)” and “buying goods”, and by companies’ “selling and buying goods and services”. And in modern society, money including credit money is indispensable.

F.And the consequences of A to E lead to the modern and realistic aspect of love that “love is with the way of society where money is indispensable”. Then, from the condition of love that “love is a feeling that wish for the happiness of a person”, we come to the simple proposition that “Love is society“.

9.Love is society, and society is love. Thinking more, society forms a network that connects the world. And the world is built on the earth.

The earth is one planet in the solar system. From here, we come to the conclusion that “the earth is love”. In fact, the earth gives us everything.

That’s it for today. I’m going to think about love for a while. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this. Everyone, let’s survive!