Thinking of Love 2

Thinking of Love 2

Sky in June

*Ten years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. I pray for the repose of the souls of all people who had been lost their lives. For the people who had been able to get fortunately own lives, when I think of each hardships of being able to survive, my heartfelt thought exist with you. I would express this thought from the bottom of my heart.

*This text is an English translation of an article that I’ve written on March 14, 2021.

1.In the previous article, I would describe that love is society, society is love, and the earth is love. This is able to obtain by thinking of happiness as a factor in society, including your loved one, the people in society, and even yourself. If I make this to a formula, it will be as follows.

S(h)=f(l)・f(t) ・f(g) S: Society  h: happiness l: love  t: thanks            g : good

E=L    E: Earth  L: Love

2.This time, I ask, “Does love extend to the universal?”  For this reason, this time I take in the way of thinking that say “heaven”. The earth gives us everything we need. And the earth had been born by the action of the force of the heavenly body and exists as one planet of the solar system.

3.People in the old days taught that we don’t lie, by saying “The heaven knows, the earth knows, own self know”. And Yukichi Fukuzawa wrote by “Gakumon no susume”, “Heaven is stating that heaven does not create people above people and below people.” The Chinese ‛易姓(Yì xìng)Revolution‛ also do the way of thinking that the dynasty changes depending on the heavenly command. The “heaven” mentioned here is the “power” that human beings look up at the sky and think that it is the source of the power to make the nature of the earth and the fate of human beings the way it should be on a place beyond human knowledge.

4.There are innumerable clusters of galaxies in the universe where the Sun and the Earth, one of the planets of the Sun, exist. And unless we are astronomers or astrophysicists, the universe is an object that continues to produce phenomena that are beyond human knowledge, such as the Big Bang (= expanding universe), black holes, dark matter, dark energy and so on. But, don’t worry. Our predecessors used the word that says ‘providence’ to understand this phenomenon in the universe. This blog is a record for living. Here, we borrow the wisdom of our predecessors and we call the power “heaven” which subsume the universe and do what universe is created. At the same time, just as I think the earth is love, I also consider “the heaven”, which gave birth to the sun that is the source of abundant life on the earth today and the earth, to be love. Heaven is love. And if we think of the energy that the universe generates as the love that Heaven gives, then this area of thought becomes a mixed realm of science and prayer.

5.So, I ask again, “Does heaven’s love extend to the universal?” There are people from A to Z here. This number can be the population unit of a country. Mr. A is doing harm to Mr. B, and Mr. B may be to die if this state continues. Does love reach to Mr. A and Mr. B in the same way?  No, it does not. This is the limit thought that I can think about it. Mr. B must take effective ways to protect himself from harm.

6.So, I ask, where is the place that love reach universally to all? I think about it. And then I come to the conclusion that it is where there is gratitude and goodness in an act of the person. I think love, gratitude, and goodness are unity. If Mr. A mentioned above thinks that his acts are rooted in goodness, this goodness is a self-righteousness lacking gratitude for heavenly love and it does not become the object of love.

7.Let’s ask more questions. Now, there is a doubt, does love reach to me, the author that write this blog, I wonder. I am truly a small person, there are many repentances in the path I have taken, so I think I am not an object of love. However, in the remainder of my life, love, gratitude, goodness, and happiness for the people are engraved in my mind, and do what I feel I must do, and I think that is what I should do in the remainder of my life.

8.Moreover I ask, If goodness is essential to love, goodness have a different sense of value as goodness in country A and country B, as a result, goodness become to relative and doesn’t love also become to relative? No, goodness is not relative. The behavior that is considered to be goodness in human society on earth is based on similar norms. Right now, the military coup happens in Myanmar, and guns are being fired at people who are protesting it. This order is the self-righteous, not goodness. It comes to Good that international community saves the people of Myanmar.

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