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July 12, 2021 Coroku Maeda

Thinking of Love 3

Jesus Christ’s Love

Sky in June  2

Jesus Christ’s Love

1.The core of Jesus Christ’s Love is to believe the words and actions of Jesus Christ and to create the conviction that a person who does what Jesus Christ has been taught shall get its person’s consciousness (soul = spirit) is purified and got rebirth.

2.Jesus has been taught us as follows.

a.“The law and the prophets were until John.” [John : John the Baptist, with whom Jesus had been baptized.] (New Testament, The Gospel according to Luke, Chapter 16, verse 16, published by the Japan Bible Society, 1962 edition)

b.“Before Abraham was, I am.” [Abraham : Abraham, the ancestor of the people of Israel.] (New Testament, The Gospel according to John, Chapter 8, verse 58, published by the Japan Bible Society, same edition)

 These two words are statements made by Jesus Himself, a man who has been received a strong revelation from God (Heaven) and has been convinced that he was with God (Heaven) the Father. A statement based on God cannot be held with no-proof. However, Jesus has been accepted His Crucifixion and Jesus’s words fulfill in the consciousness of a person who lives after Him. Jesus’s Word has been stated that Israel will be freed from its history of suffering and a new way of life will begin. Jesus’s Word has been regenerated from His Crucifixion, and Jesus, who has been become Christ, has been taught that people regenerate, and that ethnicities and nations also regenerate. And the ethnicities are not limited to one ethnicity, but reach all ethnicities, and the nations are not limited to one nation but reach all nations. This is the love of Jesus Christ, and the reason why this love is universal.

3.By speaking to people, Jesus would be drawn out the power that is generated in our lives and consciousness when we believe. And His Works that have been behaved and shown were the knowledge and prescriptions of medicine which based on extremely reasonable thinking at that time. Jesus has been stated this as follows, “Wisdom is justified by her deeds”. (New Testament, The Gospel according to Matthew, Chapter 11, verse 19, published by the Japan Bible Society, same edition.)

4.What Jesus has been showed and spoken for the people who live in worldliness was the power of belief and love. Jesus has not been changed His attitude who has been come in contact with people begging on the street, people of Hansen’s disease, people with various diseases, centurions, tax collectors, rich people, and sinner, Jesus has been accepted worldly meals and lifestyles as they were that each person lived. This is the infinite love that Jesus has been shown to people. Because love is infinite, the love that appears to each person become to equal.

5.I am not a Christian who belongs to the church. However, the New Testament that wrote holy phrase which I am quoting is being with me ever since I received it from a man who is believer in the winter of my third year of junior high school.

6.I am telling you Jesus Christ’ Love for the first time in this blog. I wrote concisely by selecting words one by one.

7.I am filled with joy to be able to convey the Love of Jesus Christ. And I am filled with joy to be able to share Jesus Christ’s Love with you.