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Now, the Olympic will be to begin. All Olympian and Paralympian will be glorious, I sincerely hope.

July 12, 2021 Coroku Maeda



January sky


Dear friends, Happy New Year.


On the election of the Republic of China’s President, congratulations
Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) President was re-elected with the large vote difference. Also, on the election of members of Ward council in the Hong Kong, congratulations the members of the Democracy’s group were elected overwhelmingly.


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4. This blog, also this year, as one person of liberalist, wants to reconsider what humans have been talking in the history and talk the essence of them. It can be said to be a challenging that is over my abilities, however considering that this world is being realized by what humans think, act, and according to be making up, this work will become a milestone that create the next human world, I’m thinking so. I hope that these articles are made your hint for your thoughts.

5. I sincerely pray that your this year will be active and a vibrant and prosperous year. I would send you many thanks sincerely for your reading this blog.

January 2020
                                                                 Author: Coroku Maeda

Talk the freedom

Talk the freedom

The blue sky in November
 The blue sky in November

* This article is an English translation of the Japanese version which had uploaded on June 23, 2013.

A.Freedom and society

1. The concept (meaning and content that the word is including) of freedom is a higher-order concept than the concepts of socialism and communism that have so far appeared in history.

2.On the freedom societies, humans have higher sociality and societies will develop higher than the societies that have appeared and that have been called socialism societies and communism societies in history.

B.The freedom society’s morality and the goodness

1.The concept of freedom includes the concept of morality and goodness. We call this liberalism. The concept of socialism and communism, too, includes the concept of morality and goodness. However, in each concept of the morality and the goodness in the concept of liberalism and the concept of socialism and communism each real methods carrying on are different.

2.The morality and goodness in the concept of liberalism rest on its developments of the spontaneous sprits which are independence of individual human beings. We call an individual’s spontaneity the independence of will. Society is formed not only morality and goodness, and it formed by the spontaneity of this individual person. And society is always going to open the opportunities equally for this spontaneity of individual person. (We have to do so.) We call this the liberalism society.

3.The morality and goodness of the liberalism society are shaped by the spontaneous sprits (= the Subject which say in philosophy ) which are independence of individual human. In the liberalism society, the consensus of the subject becomes the morality and goodness of society, which again acts on the subject and forms the morality that say “should be, should do”. Liberalism society is improved and advance by the interaction between this subject and society.

C.Morality and goodness of socialism, communism society, or exclusionism society 

1. The morality and goodness of socialism, communism society, or exclusionism society are written by a small number of people or one group in society.

2.Their morality and goodness are enforced on all members of society without going through the process of obtaining the approval of all members of the society or by pseudo procedures.

3.In this nation, access to information, freedom of speech, and academic freedom are limited, and overall, the opportunity for the spontaneous desires of individuals is not “always equal”. We call this the closing society. 

4.In addition, when this  morality and goodness are performed in one group in society, its self-identity often appears as aggression against others. We call this exclusionism.

D.The conditions of freedom

1. For being freedom society, we develop democracy and we have to hold full discussions, and the system to determine must always be considered and determined to reflect the consensus of people.

2.To avoid a violent solution of the problem, it must be parliamentarism.

3.By the people grow up, we have to select politicians who are morally good and whom we can put trust for the fate of the nation. And we have to avoid persons of fake politician who collect votes by populism and sensationalism and endanger the people and the nation. 

E.What liberalism society aims for

1.People and society advance toward beauty. That is, “the way which people and society are being is beautiful” is the aim of a liberalism society.

2.The realization of a society where people and society are beautiful proves that the liberalism society is a higher-order society and a society that can aim for higher-order society.


1.Please, would you try to read Karl Popper’s “The Open Society and Its Enemies”, “The Logic of Scientific Discovery”, “The Poverty of Historicismy”, and “Conjectures and Refutations”. You might be thought “Popper? It’s old”. However, by interacting with Popper, about the problem such as how people challenge science and thinking, Popper is helpful for us for opening up new field of view, I think so.

D.Tea time

1.There would be a violinist named Kazuhito Yamane. Born in 1995, he is still 18 years old (However, as of 2013). Yesterday Saturday, NHK’s E TV broadcasted the ‛N Symphony Hope Concert’, on there he played “Spain Symphony” that Édouard Lalo composed. I only listened to the 4th and 5th movements, but I felt an outstanding talent in the smoothness of the beginning of the 4th movement. I would be written it down.


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This statue was built to commemorate the discovery of ‘Avermectin’ of Dr. Satoshi Omura who led to the drug development of ‘Ivermectin’. ‘Ivermectin’ has led to lightning to live for the people who suffer from ‘Parasitie’ disease of world and ‘River Blindness’ disease, ‘Elephantiasis’ disease in Africa and other areas. This statue is in Kitasato University School of Pharmacy in Japan.



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sky of July



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